Roll-A-Flex is the weld-free method of adding external details to roofs and walls – regardless of material. Developed by MR Site Services,

Roll-A-Flex provides a true watertight seal on any profile or surface finish – from extruded or formed aluminium to concrete – and for a vast range of details including soakers and openings.

Roll-A-Flex is applied by our own qualified and skilled engineers so you can be sure that workmanship is of the highest standard.
When you want a job done properly, there’s only one choice – MR Site Services.

Benefits and features

  • Proven product – we have been making watertight penetrations in roofs and walls since 1980.
  • Skilled engineers – all trained in-house to the highest standards.
  • Guaranteed – our work is approved by all the leading insurance companies and the material is fully guaranteed.
  • Suitable for any system or material*
  • No fire risk – the system is applied cold so there is no risk of fire to insulation materials.
  • Certified and approved – the system is CE approved (ETA certificate no 03/0020), UL and FM approved. Manufactured to ISO9001.




Roll-a-Flex Technical Specifications PDF

For more detailed technical specifications
please contact our sales office.